Why Choose Kotakado?

For Small, Medium, and Large Retailers

Digital coupon became easy method to promote your business, be it small, medium or large retailers.

When it comes to market the product, every business have its plan. It is our mission is to help you distribute vouchers with a simple coupon management, through which your can use it to distribute them via multiple channel.

For Small, Medium, and Large Retailers
We Got you Covered

We Got you Covered

The most advanced coupon management backed up with latest technology.

Kotakado offers the most advanced coupon management software on today's market. A variety of features on Kotakado allow you to get the most out of digital marketing and therefore generate more revenue for your business.

✓  Support printed or digital voucher

✓  Ability to create scraped-voucher-code

✓  Generate unique voucher code

Benefit for your Business

Create the first e-voucher management and distribute them with dedicated apps or webpage.

You shouldn't miss out on opportunities to reach new customers through the use of digital vouchers. Kotakado is the most ideal business partner for that objective.

✓  Easy-to-use voucher management system

✓  Seamless integration with apps and/or webpage

✓  Easy to distribute vouchers through various channel

For Small, Medium, and Large Retailers

Start Using Kotakado

Tell us how you would manage the voucher, and we shall provide you the best voucher management system.

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