Sasa: A Partner we are Proud of (Use Case)

Sasa: A Partner we are Proud of (Use Case)
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Some time ago we collaborated with one of the well-known company  in Indonesia, namely Sasa. Through the “Gebyar Sasa” program, we help the company to distribute coupons through packaging of flavored products which are sold widely in retail.

The main challenge lies in how to setup  precise method for distributing vouchers. Our team dediced to print hundreds of thousands of voucher code, which were  attached on Sasa packaging. We then built a dedicated “Gebyar Sasa” website, thourgh which consumers will be asked to enter the code they receive after purchasing Sasa product. Each consumers immediately get information on the type of prize they have received after redeeming the coupon.

Consumers who have redeemed coupons through  "Gebyar Sasa" website were then contacted  by our team. So basically we handle all processes, from creating a website, printing coupons inside the packaging, API integration, to consumer follow-up.

Sasa: A Partner we are Proud of (Use Case)

In summary, here are some of the important steps we took for Sasa:

Prepare a coupon code that is stored in the server Kotakado.
Print the coupon code on the packaging
Create a Gebyar Sasa website
Connecting the website with the Kotakado API
Contact consumers who redeem through the Gebyar Sasa website.

The “Gebyar Sasa” campaign has successfully presented a voucher management solution that is tailored to the characteristics of such Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMGC) brand, as we see from Sasa.

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